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Fletcherism – A Weight Loss Method

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Fletcherism – A Weight Loss Method by Inge Drew

What is Fletcherism? Will it Help you Lose Weight?

When I was at school – boarding school – we tried all sorts of different ways to eat. Probably because we were hungry and could drag out the eating. One of the games we played was fletcherism. Someone had heard about this way of eating was a really healthy way to eat!

So what exactly is fletcherism? According to Wallace Wattles, who wrote about it about 100 years ago, it “consists in tasting and chewing every mouthful of food until it is reduced to a liquid, so that it gets away from you by involuntary swallowing”. The reason for doing this is to assist in the digestion process. Instead of wolfing down your food you chew it 20 to 30 times or more until it becomes a liquid in your mouth and mixed well with saliva. The process of digestion begins in the mouth, with saliva mixing with and beginning to break down the food before it gets to the stomach.

Using fletcherism as a method by which to eat has two advantages. It helps with digestion but it also helps with weight loss. And why would this be. Well, you are generally only hungry for about 20 minutes, so if you are eating slowly by using the fletcherism method you will not consume as much food in the twenty minutes that you are hungry. A simple healthy way to lose weight. You dont really have to change what you are eating for this method to have an effect as long as you stop eating when the hunger feeling passes and you feel content. Even though you have left some of your meal on your plate, lol!

This method is easier to implement when you eat unrefined food because these foods, naturally,because of the fibre in them, need more chewing. White bread and cakes made from refined flour and sugar sort of slide down without any chewing and you have to force yourself to keep chewing, counting the chews when you eat this sort of food. Yuk! But it can be done!

If you put down your knife and fork between mouthfuls you will find that you slow down your speed of eating. It works similarly to fletcherism as you are forced to eat slower.

Both methods need practice and can be done together. But it takes changing your lifetime habit of the way you eat to a new one. Strangly enough you will find that you are not over eating and leave the table feeling content and not bloated. By aiding your digestive system with saliva it will function better. Not to forget the fact that you may lose some of those extra kilos.

10 Golden Rules for Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind

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10 Golden Rules for Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind by Hampry Gomes

Not everyone is good at losing weight. Some of us often need to try harder than others. A lot of factors influence the weight loss process, including age, gender, metabolism rate, diet, and physical activity level. In this post, we have 10 essential weight loss tips that will work, as long as you follow a good diet plan and exercise regime.

1. Do not stress. That’s one of the fundamental rules for losing weight. People often believe that spending hours in the gym is enough for losing pounds, which sadly isn’t true. You have to avoid over thinking about the entire process.

2. Sleep enough. An adult person needs at least seven hours of sound sleep each day, and this doesn’t mean taking small naps. You have to sleep enough so that your body can take the toll of exercises.

3. Don’t skip your breakfast. Your breakfast should be the first and most heavy meal of the day because your metabolism rate is at its best. Make sure that you eat the right things, which can include oats, eggs, and fruits.

4. Add some nuts and seeds. Craving for smaller meals and snacks is absolutely normal, but instead of eating cookies and junk food, you can switch to nuts and needs. A spoon of flax or chia seeds is ideal for every meal too.

5. Hydration is essential. You don’t need magic weight loss drinks. Just drink enough water each day, and if possible, opt for vitamin enhanced water. Also known as alkaline water, it can help in regulating the metabolism rate.

6. Ditch sugar. If you cut down sugar intake for a month, you will see some significant changes in your body. Avoid all sorts of food that have any form of refined sugar. Fruits also have sugar and should be taken in moderation.

7. Don’t miss your carbohydrates. People often believe that carbs should be ignored completely, which isn’t the ideal thing to do. Ideally, it is best to choose some of the complex carbohydrates, which require more time for digestion. Examples include oats and brown rice.

8. Do more of strength training. If you are extremely focused on losing weight from certain parts of the body, weight training and HIIT workouts are your best choices. Cardio is important, but it shouldn’t be the prime concern all the time.

9. Opt for tea, not coffee. A cup of coffee per day won’t hurt you for sure, but it is always best to go for teas. Herbal teas, including jasmine, chamomile, green tea, are great for the body and should do wonders to keep you away from aerated drinks and sodas.

10. Focus on long-term results. Weight loss is a process, which takes time. Fad diets and exercise regimes may help in losing a few initial pounds, but the results often don’t last. You need to focus on eating right, and there is no reason to skip exercise. Try to lose weight sustainably.

Lastly, make sure that you are not losing your mind to dieting. As long as you have balanced meals, you should do fine.

5 Evidence-Based Weight Loss Tips

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5 Evidence-Based Weight Loss Tips by Whipple Van Ness Jones III

As far as weight loss goes, you may have heard/read a lot of myths. People are suggested to do different type of activities and most of the activities are not based on evidence. However, over the years, experts found tons of strategies that can help you lose weight effectively. Given below are 5 of them.

1. Drink Water Before Meals

You may have heard that drinking water is good for people who want to lose weight. And this is true. Actually, water boosts your metabolism and helps you burn a lot of calories. According to a study, if you drink half a liter of water before your meals, you will lose a lot more weight.

2. Eat Eggs For Breakfast

You can enjoy a lot of benefits if you eat whole eggs. And one of these benefits is that eggs help you shed a lot of weight. According to studies, if you replace your grain-oriented breakfast with one or two eggs, you will have fewer calories for the following day. As a result, you will shed more weight and body fat.

For some reason, if you can’t go for eggs in your breakfast, you can go for another alternative. You can opt for protein as well.

3. Drink Coffee

Most people suggest that you should not drink coffee if you want to lose weight fast. But it’s not true. As a matter of fact, quality coffee contains antioxidants that offer a lot of benefits.

According to a lot of studies, coffee contains caffeine that triggers your metabolism. As a result, you end up burning more calories. All you have to do is make sure you don’t add a lot sugar or high-calorie ingredients as it will cancel the benefits of the coffee.

4. Drink Green Tea

Keep in mind that green tea also offers a lot of benefits. As mentioned earlier, it also helps with weight loss. Actually, green tea is heavy with a little bit of caffeine and catechins, which is an antioxidant.

Many experts believe that green tea can help you shed the extra pounds. So, it’s a good idea to drink green tea on a regular basis so you can achieve your weight loss goals.

5. Use Coconut Oil For cooking

Coconut oil is good for you. As a matter of fact, it has a lot of special fats known as medium chain triglycerides. They are metabolized in a different manner. Actually, these fats boost your metabolism and help you lose 120 calories in 24 hours. Apart from this, coconut oil helps you control your appetite. As a result, you can cut down on your calorie consumption.

Here it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t have to add this oil to what you already eat. What you need to do is replace your cooking fats with quality coconut oil.

Long story short, if you have been looking for some evidence-based weight loss tips, you may want to check out the 5 tips given in this article.

How to Deal With Carb Cravings on Medifast

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The Medifast Program – How to Deal With Carb Cravings on Medifast by Jenni Kerala

diet-programsAre you worried about carb cravings during the Medifast diet? Relax! For most dieters using Medifast to lose weight, any carb cravings are normally only an issue during the first three to four days at the start of your diet. Continue reading How to Deal With Carb Cravings on Medifast

Natural Ways to Lose Weight Tips And Recommendations

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Natural Ways to Lose Weight – Tips & Recommendations by Andrey K

mischa tipsIs it very right to say that you are amongst those numerous individuals fighting to get a slim body void of fat and to acquire a flat belly look? As indicated through some previous study, there are a high percentage of individuals who are working extremely hard to have a healthy and fit body, but they’re doing it the wrong way. Losing weight in the wrong way may result in a more devastating outcome, and that is why the professional’s in the weight loss niche advice against the use of wrong approach in losing weight. Natural weight loss is the best alternate approach; the weight reduction tips below are advisable.


Regular exercise is a sure way to burn belly fat. Your training exercise needs to gradually increase from the much easier ones to the hard options; you need to ensure consistency in your daily exercise by making it a daily routine in order to achieve your weight loss goals.

Eat healthy diet

You are what you eat; foods like canned products, fried, fatty, and Continue reading Natural Ways to Lose Weight Tips And Recommendations

Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan

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Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan by Albert Joseph

Keeping Your Weight Loss Permanent

mischaLosing weight is a sometimes daunting task but when successful it is a cause for great pride. Keeping the weight off is also a hard job but with some key guidelines to help it is possible to keep the weight off and enjoy yourself at the same time.

How You Eat

First, it is important that in your original plan you accomplished the loss in a healthy way with a good variety of healthy foods and exercises that fit your lifestyle and attitude. Continue reading Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan

Meratol Evaluation – Quickly Lowering Carbs Intake

If you are searching to get a terrific supplement for getting rid of some fat, you need to check out Meratol. It is an all-natural supplement without any documented side effects. Furthermore, it possesses a four way tactic to tackle the extra pounds situation. Meratol reviews need to be read through to acquire a thorough standpoint associated with this specific supplement. Most essential elements regarding Meratol will be thought of in this particular Meratol review.

The specific mixture of natural herbs and also vitamins which Meratol is composed off make it the most effective weight reduction supplement on the market today. The particular ingredients that Meratol consists of as well as Meratol reviews indicate that they are effective, include things like Cactus concentrate, prickly pear, Brown seaweed extract and also chili peppers concentrate.

Most pills use one solution to assist you to shed pounds. But it is not the case with Meratol – it allows you to slim down with a few different strategies. Which are the techniques utilized by Meratol? Well, prickly pear improves metabolic process. Cactus concentrate reduces calorie intake and helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. The speed of calorie expenditure is actually improved as a result of the unique mixture of vitamins and herbs. It will be possible to burn unhealthy calories a lot faster due to this.

Meratol reviews are actually very optimistic nonetheless you should be aware that you should not only utilize nutritional supplements – you have to start consuming healthier and have a much healthier life style at the same time. If you want to accomplish best results, you should use Meratol plus apply a healthy way of life. Meratol is a fantastic weight loss supplement as has been demonstrated by a number of Meratol reviews and it is great start for your quest on shedding pounds.

Meratol is completely natural and organic as well as completely safe, it’s really worth a try prior to turning to non-natural, pharmaceutical drug style drugs. It is usually advisable to consult with a doctor before attempting any kind of health supplement. You can steer clear of discussion with a physician if you would like since Meratol is actually a 100 % natural dietary supplement and doesn’t require prescription to generally be bought.

Remember that when using any kind of a dietary supplement, in addition, you need to start out healthy eating as well as doing exercises. In case you will utilize all methods that can be found – you are going to get to your primary goal for sure. Don’t have time to proceed to the nearby drug store to purchase Meratol? Not a problem. You actually can certainly buy Meratol on the internet. So what’s the point of waiting around any longer?

Nearly all Meratol reviews demonstrate that it is an effective product and you can buy Meratol within the next 15 minutes. It has never been a much better point in time for you to start your journey to achieve your perfect bodyweight. Hopefully this Meratol review has been to your benefit.

Walking to Lose Weight

Are you searching for a far better way to lose excess weight? Weight management is such a struggle for most individuals. It needs a lot of perseverance and drive to get you to get on course and take the most appropriate actions to ensure that you lose weight. That being said, in this article you’ll find a few simple weight loss tips to help you naturally get slimmer through walking.

If you are just now starting to get back in the shape, it is advisable to remember never to push yourself too rigorously in the initial few days or perhaps weeks. Put together smaller goals and try to achieve them every single day. For example, on the first day you might want to attempt to walk for around 15 minutes to help ensure you get your pulse rate up as well as getting your body comfortable with performing physical activity once more. Once you start to seriously get fit, you’ll be able to slowly but surely raise the time frame and amount of range that you walk.

Going for walks using a regular pace for a predetermined degree of time is important when you begin utilizing the walking for weight loss strategy. Burning up fat productively is important, because of this your pulse rate needs to be hitting the ideal zone to get everything running smoothly and successfully. To make sure you know when you’re impacting your specific pulse rate zone, consider buying yourself a heart rate monitor. As well as making it possible to discover that target level this kind of monitor is going to effortlessly enable you to reach your objectives of reaching your ideal weight.

The main thing is to get your pulse rate upwards so that you can reach the target zone which in turn help your body burn away calories and trigger fat lose. Don’t forget that as many higher fat calories can be burnt away when walking briskly for a short range of distance compared to walking over a longer distance and slower rate. Consequently, it really is far better to take a brisk walk over a much shorter distance when you’re committed to walking to shedding weight.

Taking a brisk walk on a daily basis can make all the difference to your everyday life; it will give you fresh air, new inspiration and the possibility to seriously lose weight in a natural way, through keeping yourself motivated and following your goals to walk every day. Remember to start walking briskly over shorter distances as this is the sure way to get your pulse rate up and burn calories and fat. Now that you’ve read and understood the underlying concept of walking and weight loss all you need to do is take action.

Finding Pros and Cons of Raw Food Diet

If you follow dieting trends at all, then you probably know that a new weight loss method crops up every few months or so. From cabbage soup to green tea, Atkins, and South Beach, there’s a different approach for everyone. The raw food diet is one of the latest health fads going around, so I thought it would be a good idea to examine what this method is all about prior to trying it out. Here’s what I learned.

The basic principle of the raw food diet is that we lose too many essential enzymes and nutrients during the cooking process. Foods in their natural state are most beneficial to our bodies, so we should avoid heating anything to more than 116 degrees F. (I’m not exactly sure where that temperature comes from, but many different raw food diet websites mentioned it, so I decided to repeat it here.) When we eat naturally like this, we’ll be healthier as a result. People following a strict raw food diet generally eat things like fresh fruits and vegetables, uncooked meat, fish, or eggs, nuts, seeds, beans, and anything else that is organic and unprocessed.

The proponents of this type of raw food diet believe that there are many benefits associated with it. For instance, they say you’ll have more energy, will lose weight, and will rejuvenate your skin as a result of not consuming processed sugar or refined white flour, both of which have been blamed for Americans’ bulging waistlines. In addition, followers of the raw food diet will decrease their risk of heart disease and improve bodily functions such as digestion. In other words, you’re essentially eliminating a bunch of toxins from your body when you stop eating processed foods, so all of these positive changes should follow.

But there are some drawbacks to the raw food diet as well. For one thing, eating uncooked meat and eggs carries a significant risk of bacteria-related illness if you don’t store or handle the items properly. Salmonella, E. coli, and listeria can all come into play from handling some uncooked foods. In addition, it can be difficult to get the recommended daily levels of calcium, iron, or protein from strictly following this weight loss method, so your health could suffer in other ways or you might have to take supplements to make up for any deficiencies.

After reading about the raw food diet, I’m still on the fence about whether or not this approach is for me. While I certainly agree with some of the potential benefits, especially the part about cutting out sugar and flour, I can’t imagine eating uncooked eggs or meat, so I would be a partial follower at best. Would I still see good results that way? Maybe I should give it a try for a while and see how it works out!

In terms of diet, natural diet is the most considered today and is in reality more recommended than other methods. Obtain great deals on for Herbalife Shake Milk as the best natural diet solution.

Use Ice Balls to Loose Weight

What do I mean use ice balls to loose weight? Well, I’ll get to that in a moment, let’s first talk about weight lose in general and how you may be doing it wrong!

Diets are usually short term fixes. This is because, most of the time they are extreme measures and are very difficult to maintain for any amount of time. Eventually, being creatures of habit, we fall back into the same old patterns. This means that all of the pain you went through on that diet, yeah, it was for nothing because you couldn’t maintain that lifestyle for very long. And, the weight comes back… sometimes you gain even more. Does this sound familiar? It has happened to me several times. Until I finally realized something.

I couldn’t just diet, but had to alter the way I did things. You see, what you do in the kitchen on an everyday basis is very important to how you loose weight and keep it off. There are a ton of little kitchen secrets out there that can help you adapt your current lifestyle little by little so that you are heating more healthy, less calories, less fatty foods, etc.

Here is a fact that I bet you haven’t thought of: Did you know that fruit juice is very high in sugar? Yep, pretty much every fruit juice is… especially if you are getting it from a can of frozen concentrate. And I bet you thought, instead of having that can of Coke I am going to be healthy and drink OJ! And, you’d sort of be correct, in that OJ is more healthy overall… but unfortunately it isn’t going to help with your diet. The sugar content of a glass of OJ can sometimes surpass that of a can of Coke! I know right? It is almost inconceivable, but a fact none-the-less.

So here is a kitchen secret that can help -and gets us back to the ice ball topic. In stead of pouring a glass of fruit juice, make an ice ball made of that fruit juice. Then drop it into a glass of water. You will get flavored water which tastes great and consume less sugar. In fact ice balls are a great way to flavor water, use fresh mint, cucumbers, citrus, etc and freeze them in an ice ball. Have them ready in your freezer so you can always grab one of those instead of high in sugar drinks like juice.

So how do you make the ice ball? With an ice ball mold of course! There are several different kinds of molds. The best ice ball mold that I have found is the one by Kitchen Top Secret. They have a great product that sells on Amazon – go take a look at their website and see for your self. If you go to the Kitchen Top Secret Facebook page you can see all of their posts on foods, cocktails, what is in the news, and even a few funny images to keep you smiling every day!

Remember, diets are short term remedies that don’t always last. The secret is to change your habits in the kitchen so that you slowly alter your lifestyle to making good choices. Be aware that some of the things that you think are good for you, like fruit juice, are not necessarily helping you loose weight.