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Use Ice Balls to Loose Weight

What do I mean use ice balls to loose weight? Well, I’ll get to that in a moment, let’s first talk about weight lose in general and how you may be doing it wrong!

Diets are usually short term fixes. This is because, most of the time they are extreme measures and are very difficult to maintain for any amount of time. Eventually, being creatures of habit, we fall back into the same old patterns. This means that all of the pain you went through on that diet, yeah, it was for nothing because you couldn’t maintain that lifestyle for very long. And, the weight comes back… sometimes you gain even more. Does this sound familiar? It has happened to me several times. Until I finally realized something.

I couldn’t just diet, but had to alter the way I did things. You see, what you do in the kitchen on an everyday basis is very important to how you loose weight and keep it off. There are a ton of little kitchen secrets out there that can help you adapt your current lifestyle little by little so that you are heating more healthy, less calories, less fatty foods, etc.

Here is a fact that I bet you haven’t thought of: Did you know that fruit juice is very high in sugar? Yep, pretty much every fruit juice is… especially if you are getting it from a can of frozen concentrate. And I bet you thought, instead of having that can of Coke I am going to be healthy and drink OJ! And, you’d sort of be correct, in that OJ is more healthy overall… but unfortunately it isn’t going to help with your diet. The sugar content of a glass of OJ can sometimes surpass that of a can of Coke! I know right? It is almost inconceivable, but a fact none-the-less.

So here is a kitchen secret that can help -and gets us back to the ice ball topic. In stead of pouring a glass of fruit juice, make an ice ball made of that fruit juice. Then drop it into a glass of water. You will get flavored water which tastes great and consume less sugar. In fact ice balls are a great way to flavor water, use fresh mint, cucumbers, citrus, etc and freeze them in an ice ball. Have them ready in your freezer so you can always grab one of those instead of high in sugar drinks like juice.

So how do you make the ice ball? With an ice ball mold of course! There are several different kinds of molds. The best ice ball mold that I have found is the one by Kitchen Top Secret. They have a great product that sells on Amazon – go take a look at their website and see for your self. If you go to the Kitchen Top Secret Facebook page you can see all of their posts on foods, cocktails, what is in the news, and even a few funny images to keep you smiling every day!

Remember, diets are short term remedies that don’t always last. The secret is to change your habits in the kitchen so that you slowly alter your lifestyle to making good choices. Be aware that some of the things that you think are good for you, like fruit juice, are not necessarily helping you loose weight.