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Supermarket Alert: Foods That Help Lose Weight The Easy Way


Foods that help lose weight –  Zucchini, a diuretic and dietetic food

  • Zucchini is one of the most interesting food as part of a slimming diet.
  • 22 Calories per 100 grams, it is part of the vegetables the least caloric. In addition, if you subtract the energy expended during digestion, his caloric intake becomes almost zero!
  • Low in sodium and high in potassium, Zucchini also offers an effective diuretic effect against water retention.
  • Rich in magnesium and calcium, it is advisable to eat this vegetable with skin since it contains fiber, which allows a better digestion.


Foods that help lose weight – Pepper, a slimming vegetable vitamin!

Just more calories than Zucchini (26 Calories / 100 gr), pepper has the characteristic of being very rich in vitamin C. Indeed, 100 grams of pepper bring 127% of the daily recommended intakes for vitamin C for an adult!

Diuretic food, pepper promotes also the elimination of sugars and fats.
Attention however to the sensitive stomachs because this vegetable can cause digestive disorders. For not taking risks think to remove the skin.

Foods that help lose weight  –  Radish, a Dietetic food for good Digest

With its fiber and its high content of sulfur, the radishes are strongly advised to those who have digestion problems. This slimming vegetable will thus help you to lose belly quickly.

Rich in vitamin C, very low-calorie (16 Calories / 100 grams), avoid to eat it with bread, butter or salt.
Foods that help lose weight  –  Cucumber, vegetable least calorie!

Made up of 96% water, cucumber contains only 12 Calories per 100 grams.
Rich in fibres, think about integrate it into your salads.

Foods that help lose weight  – 
Apple, a must-see slimming food

Satiating food, The plain old Apple is a real natural appetite suppressant.

Thanks to its content in pectin (soluble dietary fiber) the passage of food in the intestine is slowed down, which prolongs the absorption of nutrients and stabilizes blood sugar levels.
Low calorie (50 Calories / 100 grams), it is advisable to eat this fruit with the skin in order to benefit of all its nutritional values.
Choose, the variety of liquor Smith Apples has a focus on part its low sugar content.
dietetic foods
Foods that help lose weight  –  Lemon, a few drops each day to lose weight…

The lemon is a food burns fat thanks to its citric acid content which helps the stomach to break down fatty acids.
The energy value is 26 calories per 100 grams.

Foods that help lose weight  –  Pineapple, reference dietary food

Cool and refreshing, this tropical fruit has many virtues: drainer and suppressant, pineapple also helps digestion.

Careful however not to neglect its stem, because it contains Bromelain, an enzyme that promotes the burning of fat.
Just more caloric than an Apple (51 Calories / 100 grams), the pineapple is also rich in vitamins E, A and C.
Foods that help lose weight   –  Melon, fruit to the multiple virtues…
  • With its 36 Calories per 100 grams, the melon is an essential slimming food.
  • Rich in fiber, the melon is an effective natural laxative.
  • The carotene content makes it a very good antioxidant.
  • Finally, potassium values make the melon a real ally flat stomach.
Proteins: some foods to lose weight without losing muscle!

Foods that help lose weight   –  Tuna, nutritional and dietary benefits

With 25 grams of protein per 100 grams, interesting content of iron, magnesium, calcium, vitamins A, B and D… tuna is a very complete food from the nutritional point of view.

Fats that make it up are Omega 3 fatty acids, beneficial in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Foods that help lose weight  –  Chicken, meat lean by excellence
To benefit maximally from the low energy value, prefer white thigh or wing, and remember to remove the skin.

Foods that Help Lose Weight and are Yummy Too!

appleEating healthy has never been easier. Supermarkets now carry a big variety of vegetables and fruits and some are even grown organically and certified as such. Eating fresh fruits and simple steamed vegetables is no longer boring. With all the flavors you can add to your meals, lunch and dinner is now something you can look forward to, even if you’re on a diet! If you are on a weight loss plan, there are a few things you have to keep in mind.

The first is that to keep off pounds permanently, you have to cut your calorie intake and increase your activities. The next thing to remember is that not all foods are created equal. There are foods that help lose weight faster and will also keep you satisfied longer. You will have less cravings if you add them to your daily diet. Here are some that can help satisfy those cravings!

Beans – A very good source of protein. Nutritionists love recommending beans because they are a good source of protein and are very high in fiber. This means that the body will digest them slowly, making you feel sated and satisfied longer. They are also readily available and cheap. In fact, the canned varieties in supermarket nowadays are of excellent quality and since there are many to choose from, you’ll never get bored with eating just one kind. A simple way to dress up beans strainght from the can is to get two to three varieties and mnix them in a bowl. Drizzle lemon and slices of garlic, or use red wine vinegar for your version of a three-bean salad. Do not use heavy salad dressings. No creams or bacon bits either. Foods that help lose weight need to be eaten as simple as possible. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the taste of different kinds of beans in every spoonful!

Soup – A great way to start your meal is by eating a big bowl of soup. Skip the creamy appetizers or the greasy and cheesy potatoes. Instead, opt for foods that help lose weight by choosing soups that are broth based. Since you want to cut down on extra calories from creams and butter, avoid chowders and creams of vegetables. Why not try tomato based Italian soups. Or the Portuguese Kale soup that gets its flavors from a few slices of sausages. These soups may even be your main meal if they’re chunky enough and loaded with vegetables. A classic is chicken soup. You can add the white meat to the broth and just load in whatever vegetables you have in your fridge. The main thing to remember is that soups are more satisfying because they have vegetables or chunks of potatoes and pasta that can turn an appetizer into your main meal.

Vegetables – A staple of any weight lose program is a generous helping of vegetables in every meal. You can cut down the boring factor by adding vegetables to your other meals. This is another way of incorporating foods that help lose weight into foods that you already love. A great way to add vegetables is by pureeing them and adding them to pasta. You can puree steamed squash and zucchini and add them to your lasagna’s tomato sauce. They will make your tomato sauce tastier and creamier. You can also puree steamed cauliflower and broccoli and you can add them to pasta, rice or even use them as sauce for your grilled meats. Use vegetables as substitutes for cream and butter. Because some vegetables are naturally sweet, this substitution will also train your taste buds to love them instead of sugar or sugar substitutes.

Protein – Eggs and lean meats are very good sources of protein. Do not cut them from your diet. What you need to do is use portion control so you get reduced calorie but loads of protein. A good way to start a breakfast diet is by eating eggs. Avoid eating sugary cereal and choose eggs instead. You want calories that can sustain you during your regular day so you can avoid snacking on sugary foods and empty calories. Grilled or baked lean meats like steaks and chicken breasts are very good sources of protein, too. So are fish steaks like salmon, halibut, cod and snapper. Since you want foods that help lose weight, do not smother them with sauces. A dash of salt and pepper and rosemary, oregano, lemon and olive oil should be enough to bring out their flavors. Do not use heavy creams and butter in your sauces. The more simply cooked it is, the better it will be for its natural flavors to come out.

Nuts – Some people avoid nuts when they go on a diet thinking that they are loaded with fats. Nuts are actually one of the foods that help lose weight effectively! Great nuts to have handy are peanuts, walnuts, almonds and pecans. Get them from the supermarket in bulk, then mix them in a big bowl before dividing them in portions. This is a great way to get a variety in every handful. Nuts will help satisfy your cravings and are a good alternative to a donut or a slice of cake for dessert. Because nuts are loaded with proteins, they also keep you satisfied longer. If you are exercising more strenuously or spending more time at the gym as part of your overall weight loss plan, then nuts are your best source of energy boosters. Do not rely on smoothies or juices. Load up with water and handful of nuts instead. You’ll not only get more energy, but feel satisfied longer. These are two things that will keep you right on track!

Yogurt – Most people who go on a diet usually load up on yogurt at the supermarket. Unfortunately, they get the wrong kind of yogurt! Of the many foods that help lose weight, yogurt can be one of the most versatile to have. It does not matter if you get Greek or traditional (lighter) yogurt. What matters is that you get the plain variety. Do not get yogurt with fruits. Add the fruits or nuts yourself. This way, you can control the amount of sugar you add to your yogurt! If you find plain yogurt too tart, add a spoonful of honey. Or add fruits and berries that are naturally sweet. Also, you can trick your brain by adding nuts or granola. When you chew, signals are sent to the brain that food is being eaten. This triggers a response making your brain think that you’ve eaten something that is quite substantial (like a meal!)

In the end, what you eat also depends what is available in your fridge and pantry. If you are going on a weight loss plan, remove all foods that may trip you up. Do not stock up on sweets and chips that will only give you empty calories. Use butter and cream sparingly. Hold back on salt and of course, sugar. Instead, get lots of foods that help lose weight effectively. This means that the first aisle you’ll hit when you go to the supermarket is the produce and fruit section. A weight loss diet that incorporates the nutrients you need is a sensible diet. In fact, forget fad diets as this is the only diet you’ll ever need.

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