My Favorite Tips on Losing Weight

mischa tipsFor most people, a healthy diet is always part of their daily eating habits. Some people just know what to eat, when to eat and how to eat. But for others, eating healthy is a challenge. Diets that are high in salt, high in sugar and high in fats are never healthy.

Nobody can sustain eating like this without their body failing at some point. The goal of changing your diet to reflect a more healthy eating habit will also help you lose weight and lose the extra pounds that have piled up over the years.

Diets and dieting are never fun to do. There is always a sense of depriving yourself of good things. But there are many ways and tips on losing weight that are not drastic nor are a dramatic turnaround of what you’re currently doing.

A new mindset is needed to look at diets in a different light. That’s what we’re doing here. To give you tips on losing weight that are workable, realistic and effective.

A good weight loss plan is one that you will follow. More than who recommended it or endorsed it, what matters is that you follow it. Fad diets are never a good gauge of what may work for you. If you are on a weight loss goal, consult your doctor and ask questions regarding your overall health and what kind of a diet he recommends. Based on your health status, he may recommend something that is truly unique and customized for you.

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Some diets may work against medications you are currently on, so it’s important to let your doctor know what over the counter supplements you’re taking, too. A good diet should include all the recommended daily allowances or RDA for vitamins, minerals and also protein. Most diets for women are in the 1200 calories per day, while men are in the 1800 calories per day. However, your total intake will also depend on your daily activities and how strenuous your work is.

Among the tips on losing weight you’ll get from experts, is that there are good diet plans for everybody. Whether you want to lose 10 ponds or 20, a good diet plan will be slow, steady and sustainable. As with all calorie restricted diets, there will be rapid weight loss within the first three weeks, then it will slowly plateau. Do not be discouraged when this happens. Work with it, not against it. Know that the weight loss during the first few weeks was mostly water and the succeeding week will actually be weight that you want to lose. The next step after this is weight maintenance. This is easier because by this time, your eating habits have changed and your body is now used to reduce calories. Before you embark on a very low calorie diet, ask your doctor if he recommends this for you. Do not pursue this diet plan if there is a good chance that it will negatively affect your health.

One of the tips on losing weight you’ll probably get from friends is that the first few weeks are hard. Any diet requires discipline. A good diet plan on the other hand should not make you feel deprived, hungry or angry! Find a diet that can work with your family situation. If you are a mother with small children, then a diet that incorporates what the children eat may be easier than if you’re a mother with teenage kids whose eating habits are drastically different from yours. The challenge is to have a good dinner where everyone is happy. Resentment comes when your diet is forced on the kids or when you feel resentful for not being able to eat what they’re eating. This will be a major pitfall and will make you lose interest in keeping to your eating plan. A way to solve this is to make sure that you can eat what the rest of the family eats, perhaps in a smaller portion. Sustainable tips on losing weight will offer you alternatives. Let’s say you’re serving steak and potatoes for dinner. Make sure that you also have a big bowl of salad or a bowl of steamed veggies. This way, you can feel sated by eating a smaller portion of the steak while bulking up on the salad and steamed vegetables. Steamed or roasted broccoli, cauliflower and carrots are a good side dish to any meat based dinner. By serving this, you can skip the creamy mashed potatoes.

Another of the tips on losing weight that successful dieters will tell you is that you can avoid tempting foods by not stocking them! If you are the person doing the grocery shopping, then you are in full control of what goes in the fridge and the pantry. As you start your diet, slowly wean your family away from sugary sweets and foods. Read labels so you know the foods that are high in salt. Do not stock up on overly processed foods, which will include ready to eat dinners and snacks. Instead, use the money you saved from not buying these snacks for fruits that you and your family will enjoy. Make a list of the vegetables you and your family like, then use more of those in your daily meals. Cut the donuts and pastries out of your grocery list, instead, teach your family to enjoy a snack of good plain yogurt topped with fresh fruits, granola, family away or honey. Instead of high in fat ice cream, go for sorbets. In fact, granitas and sorbets are easy to make. Look for fruits in season and start making granitas out from them. Look at dessert in a whole new way. The more natural and unprocessed it is, the better. This means that slices of fresh fruits are great, while those decadent chocolate chip cookies can be junked for now.

One of the best tips on losing weight is that if you fall off your diet plan, go back on it as soon as possible. There is no failure here if you don’t give up on your plan after one or two days of eating foods not on your list. It’s true, holidays are hard to be on a diet. There’s just too many food temptations from good meaning folks. There’s always that rich chocolate cake or that yummy pie that you’ve always enjoyed. In fact, if you’re hosting, you probably have a lot of food for your guests. If you take a break from your diet for a day, do not berate yourself. Simply go back to your eating plan as soon as you can. Straying for a day or two does not mean you’ve abandoned your plan. It just means that you need to get back on it and move on. A good diet plan is your own blueprint for healthier living. In the end, what you want is to be able to lose weight and still enjoy good, nutritious food. Always follow the recommendations of your doctor.

Never deprive yourself of food and know that all these tips on losing weight will only work if you want them and believe in them!

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