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My Take on Intermittent Fasting

I just wrote an article on Intermittent Fasting where I discuss my personal strategy that has helped me lose weight consistently over time and reverse the trend of gaining weight that was ruining my life.

Intermittent Fasting is not a lose weight fast kind of diet, but it is a way to consistently lose weight over time and reverse weight gain trends.

It’s easy and has been great for me. Maybe it can work for you.

Read the Intermittent Fasting article hereContinue reading My Take on Intermittent Fasting

Are you eating Kale? Why Not Drink It?

Kale is an amazing vegetable. It is very healthy!

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If you’re like me you don’t really enjoy eating Kale. I mean yes – you could slather on some thick Ranch dressing to cover up the Kale but that’s not ideal!

My suggestion is to drink your kale! That’s what I do!

I love to make smoothies with my VitaMix and Kale is one of my most used ingredients.

Almost every smoothie I make is deep dark green and the Kale based smoothies are no exception.

It’s funny though because I have made smoothies for friends with almost half of the ingredients being kale and despite great opposition they all agree the smoothies taste amazing!

The secret is the proper mix of ingredients.

I mix it up all the time but here is a good smoothie recipe to try using kale.

Kale (organic if possible and as much as you can stuff in the blender)

1 or 2 Green Apples (tart not sweet)

1/2 bag of frozen raspberry

Carrots (peeled mini carrots or large)

Walnuts (handful)

Zuchini (1 or 2 small to medium)

Spring Water or Ice Cubes (not too much but enough to make it juice like)

Mix all in your blender and make sure it is very fine. In my Vita Mix it takes around 3 or 4 minutes and is very eay to drink and is more juice like than a smoothie.

Try this recipe and I am sure you will be getting more Kale in your system!

Drink your kale!