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My Take on Intermittent Fasting

I just wrote an article on Intermittent Fasting where I discuss my personal strategy that has helped me lose weight consistently over time and reverse the trend of gaining weight that was ruining my life.

Intermittent Fasting is not a lose weight fast kind of diet, but it is a way to consistently lose weight over time and reverse weight gain trends.

It’s easy and has been great for me. Maybe it can work for you.

Read the Intermittent Fasting article hereContinue reading My Take on Intermittent Fasting

Why It’s Easier To Lose Weight In Hot Weather Conditions

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Why It’s Easier To Lose Weight In Hot Weather Conditions by James Anthony White

There are countries that experience hot and dry weather conditions nearly all year round. Most of these countries can be found in Asia and in the Caribbean. In such places, you’ll feel that it’s summer even in the months when it’s supposed to be rainy or winter. You can enjoy some mild and cold days in such areas but they usually won’t last long and before you know it, you’re back to feeling hot and sweaty again.

Although living in such countries may be uncomfortable since you’re always sweltering and sweaty, there is a noteworthy advantage that comes with it – you can lose weight easier in such places.

There are various studies that have proven that people tend to lose weight easier in hot countries. If you live in a country that’s virtually summer all year round, below are the reasons why you will lose weight easier in such an area:

You tend to show more skin in a place that enjoys hot weather.

Women and men will be more comfortable and feel cooler when they go out while wearing something that shows off more skin. Of course, if they have to go to the beach or pool, they need to wear a swimsuit.

If you wear a swimsuit or an outfit that shows off more skin, of course, you want to be in your best shape while wearing them. Slipping into a bathing suit or any skimpy outfit can seriously motivate you to lose weight and get toned. As such, you will be more driven to eat correctly and to work out regularly to get a fitter and leaner body.

A sunny and nice weather can drive you to be more active. When the weather is warm, you tend to exercise more frequently. One research showed that exercise tends to be seasonal-in general, people are more active in the spring and summer and tend to slack off during the fall and winter. If you live in a hot or warm country, this wouldn’t be a big problem for you. Since the sun is always outside or the weather is great even in the evening, you can work out whenever you want to.

Finally, the hot weather can help suppress your appetite. Everyone wants to eat ice cream, one of the high-cal foods, whenever it’s hot. But aside from this, you may find that the hot condition may just compress your appetite. A 2013 study showed that people who worked out in a hot environment ate less afterward than those who exercised in a cooler setting. As such, red-hot temperatures may reduce your desire to eat even after a really tough workout.

Why Am I Finding It Difficult To Lose Weight?

Why Am I Finding It Difficult To Lose Weight?

by Matthew Carpenter

What do your hormones, not calories, have to do with your weight loss? Leptin hormone is referred to as the satiety hormone, which helps to control and regulate energy through hunger suppression.

If you are over weight, your leptin hormone becomes insensitive, thus leading to an increased consumption of food. Therefore, the quest for a healthy weight becomes a mirage, and your ability to have significant and lasting weight loss depends to an extent on the activities of the leptin hormone.

To understand how pectin helps bring about weight loss, you first need to understand what makes people fat.

Weight Loss Tips

If properly harnessed by implementing the right routine; consuming nutrient rich foods, physical activities, and stress management, then the menace of excessive weight gain can be defeated.

The quest for a healthy weight reduction is the gateway to a more fulfilled, all around healthy living. Due to the adverse effect of being overweight, it is important to develop the habit of engaging in more physical activities, skipping sugary drinks, and being mindful of fatty foods.

Though you might be observing a stringent weight loss routine, if you are not getting the right balance of nutrients you will still encounter difficulties in losing weight.

There have been misleading conceptions in the past few years that overweight individuals have a reduced mortality rate. Understandably not a fact, according to reports from HARVARD T. H CHAN, School of Public Health, such reports have been classified to be a ruse.

About half a million of the United States population is affected by cancer, and excessive weight gain resulting in obesity is believed to cause around 90,000 cancer death per year. Obesity and weight related health complications are still very much prevalent in American society and to an extent American culture.

The problem of weight loss seeming elusive can be ascribed to insufficient sleeping and not getting enough rest. Stress hormones affect the immune system, and the breaking down of cholesterol, thus contributing to weight gain.

A study carried out on 60,000 women, over 16 years provided some alarming data., Prior to the survey these women were younger and fitter and had a healthy weight. 16 years later, it was discovered that women in this group who sleep for about 5 hours or less per night had a 15 percent higher risk of being obese, and also 30 percent increased risk of gaining 30 pounds more than those women who slept for 7 hours or more per night.

Reasons why it is hard for you to lose weight

Diet: You might be physically active, but if you are still consuming foods that are high in fats and sugar, then achieving weight loss might seem a bit far-fetched. High fats can be found in full-fat milk, butter, and cream as well as other nondairy products such as certain cuts of meat.

Physical inactivity: A good exercise routine is interrelated with a healthy diet. If you are maintaining a proper diet and still find it difficult to partake in simple physical activities like swimming and walking, the chances of you losing weight will be significantly reduced.

Sleep and rest: Good quality, uninterrupted sleep will allow your body to recover and heal. This is critical for your organs to function effectively and for your body to digest food properly. Good quality sleep and rest support you having a much more active immune system, which reduces the cases of depression and stress. Not getting good quality sleep and rest can result in an increase in stress, which in turn often leads to unhealthy weight gain.

Adverse effects of being overweight

· Increased risk of type 2 Diabetes

· Increased risk of high blood pressure

· Increased chance of developing respiratory disorders

· Increased risk of heart diseases

· Increase potential for miscarriage in pregnant women.

How to maintain a healthy weight

A healthy weight can be sustained by simple routines, which range from participating more in regular exercises activities, eating less, avoiding late nights, and reducing the amount of time spent watching television.

This can be a trap for many night owls, which can result in a quest for a sugary snack and unhealthy nibbling as the late night munchies set in. Beware, these behaviors are not constructive towards your goal and excessive sugary treats are poisonous to your health.

Losing weight can be excruciatingly difficult and often requires a lot more than focused personal discipline alone. The help of a professional who understands how to apply various strategies for losing weight, and is willing and ready to educate and support you is invaluable.

Prepare Healthy Diet Meals – diet gourmet

Foods for weight-loss are today’s advertising craze. Every person appears to want to drop weight and discover a diet plan that will certainly help them. They resort to the web as well as enter something like “cost-free diet regimen dish plans” to obtain some ideas. They are after that pounded with lots of NOT-free diet regimen plans, reduced calorie food advertising, and other kinds of advertising and marketing tactics such as diet electronic books. It is not surprising that many simply quit as well as return to their old habits of eating. Contact diet gourmet for your diet needs.

DO N’T hang-up. This is the start of your fat burning strategy as well as it is a clever transfer to make. But do not obtain disconnected with evaluation paralysis as well as a sensation of being overwhelmed on where to start. Just begin, also without reviewing quite. Begin by making a plan that fits your way of living and also character:

1. For some, a great location to begin could be the library with just one or two good publications by highly regarded writers.

2. For others, it may be changing one bad food behavior with one excellent practice like beginning to eat morning meal everyday that has some lean healthy protein and fiber. Or a snack in the afternoon that will save on unhealthy or fattening munchies.

3. And also for others still, it may be becoming part of an on the internet group offered by such locations as Assistance by others can be a huge push forward for several. The gourmet diet has offers for your diet needs.

All of these above points are ways to start reducing weight for free. Diet regimen dish strategies do not need to cost you any kind of money, they will certainly merely cost you time, commitment, and education. When you begin discovering the info that will certainly drive you forward you will certainly have a far better understanding on what the very best foods for weight loss are as well.

For instance, some foods might be thought about a weight management food, yet may cause you to eat way too much without understanding it. Several low-cal as well as low-fat foods marketed for weight reduction will certainly do just that: trigger you to eat even more because you are either not complete yet or because they “woke” up your level of sensitivity to sugary foods or snacking.

Meratol Evaluation – Quickly Lowering Carbs Intake

If you are searching to get a terrific supplement for getting rid of some fat, you need to check out Meratol. It is an all-natural supplement without any documented side effects. Furthermore, it possesses a four way tactic to tackle the extra pounds situation. Meratol reviews need to be read through to acquire a thorough standpoint associated with this specific supplement. Most essential elements regarding Meratol will be thought of in this particular Meratol review.

The specific mixture of natural herbs and also vitamins which Meratol is composed off make it the most effective weight reduction supplement on the market today. The particular ingredients that Meratol consists of as well as Meratol reviews indicate that they are effective, include things like Cactus concentrate, prickly pear, Brown seaweed extract and also chili peppers concentrate.

Most pills use one solution to assist you to shed pounds. But it is not the case with Meratol – it allows you to slim down with a few different strategies. Which are the techniques utilized by Meratol? Well, prickly pear improves metabolic process. Cactus concentrate reduces calorie intake and helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. The speed of calorie expenditure is actually improved as a result of the unique mixture of vitamins and herbs. It will be possible to burn unhealthy calories a lot faster due to this.

Meratol reviews are actually very optimistic nonetheless you should be aware that you should not only utilize nutritional supplements – you have to start consuming healthier and have a much healthier life style at the same time. If you want to accomplish best results, you should use Meratol plus apply a healthy way of life. Meratol is a fantastic weight loss supplement as has been demonstrated by a number of Meratol reviews and it is great start for your quest on shedding pounds.

Meratol is completely natural and organic as well as completely safe, it’s really worth a try prior to turning to non-natural, pharmaceutical drug style drugs. It is usually advisable to consult with a doctor before attempting any kind of health supplement. You can steer clear of discussion with a physician if you would like since Meratol is actually a 100 % natural dietary supplement and doesn’t require prescription to generally be bought.

Remember that when using any kind of a dietary supplement, in addition, you need to start out healthy eating as well as doing exercises. In case you will utilize all methods that can be found – you are going to get to your primary goal for sure. Don’t have time to proceed to the nearby drug store to purchase Meratol? Not a problem. You actually can certainly buy Meratol on the internet. So what’s the point of waiting around any longer?

Nearly all Meratol reviews demonstrate that it is an effective product and you can buy Meratol within the next 15 minutes. It has never been a much better point in time for you to start your journey to achieve your perfect bodyweight. Hopefully this Meratol review has been to your benefit.

Diet Mistakes to Avoid and not Fail!

Setting achievable goals is vital in any weight loss plan. Goals should be clear, realistic and set out in writing. While you probably do have an ideal weight in your mind, unless you are only very slightly overweight it is probably too distant to be useful.

A more useful goal would be to lose two pounds per week for the first five weeks and then one pound per week after that. Some weeks you will lose more and some less, some weeks you may even gain, but if you track your progress on a graph you will see that ups and downs are natural and do not stop you progressing steadily toward your major goal.

If you have been making these mistakes, do not worry. The most important point in dieting as in so many other things is to move on. Learn from your failures as well as your success and do not use a mistake as an excuse for giving up. The only way to achieve your goal permanently is to make a commitment to become a healthier person. Remember that eating normally includes eating more some days and less others. Learn to enjoy food in moderation and you have every chance of avoiding these bad diet mistakes.

Finding Pros and Cons of Raw Food Diet

If you follow dieting trends at all, then you probably know that a new weight loss method crops up every few months or so. From cabbage soup to green tea, Atkins, and South Beach, there’s a different approach for everyone. The raw food diet is one of the latest health fads going around, so I thought it would be a good idea to examine what this method is all about prior to trying it out. Here’s what I learned.

The basic principle of the raw food diet is that we lose too many essential enzymes and nutrients during the cooking process. Foods in their natural state are most beneficial to our bodies, so we should avoid heating anything to more than 116 degrees F. (I’m not exactly sure where that temperature comes from, but many different raw food diet websites mentioned it, so I decided to repeat it here.) When we eat naturally like this, we’ll be healthier as a result. People following a strict raw food diet generally eat things like fresh fruits and vegetables, uncooked meat, fish, or eggs, nuts, seeds, beans, and anything else that is organic and unprocessed.

The proponents of this type of raw food diet believe that there are many benefits associated with it. For instance, they say you’ll have more energy, will lose weight, and will rejuvenate your skin as a result of not consuming processed sugar or refined white flour, both of which have been blamed for Americans’ bulging waistlines. In addition, followers of the raw food diet will decrease their risk of heart disease and improve bodily functions such as digestion. In other words, you’re essentially eliminating a bunch of toxins from your body when you stop eating processed foods, so all of these positive changes should follow.

But there are some drawbacks to the raw food diet as well. For one thing, eating uncooked meat and eggs carries a significant risk of bacteria-related illness if you don’t store or handle the items properly. Salmonella, E. coli, and listeria can all come into play from handling some uncooked foods. In addition, it can be difficult to get the recommended daily levels of calcium, iron, or protein from strictly following this weight loss method, so your health could suffer in other ways or you might have to take supplements to make up for any deficiencies.

After reading about the raw food diet, I’m still on the fence about whether or not this approach is for me. While I certainly agree with some of the potential benefits, especially the part about cutting out sugar and flour, I can’t imagine eating uncooked eggs or meat, so I would be a partial follower at best. Would I still see good results that way? Maybe I should give it a try for a while and see how it works out!

In terms of diet, natural diet is the most considered today and is in reality more recommended than other methods. Obtain great deals on for Herbalife Shake Milk as the best natural diet solution.

Finding Easy Diet Plans that work!

On a daily basis many people push themselves nuts attempting to come across easy diet plans. A lot of people end up having strategies they have no desire for or perhaps plans that are too complex, so they really wind up giving up or abandoning diets in general. Even so, it is possible and quite easy to find the perfect diet plans. This calls for an easy method that any person can stick with and receive good results through.

Local People

The 1st step to finding easy diet plans is to locate men and women currently on these weight loss programs. This is achieved simply by talking to individuals inside the local neighborhood and from the local community. On an average, every neighborhood has at minimum eight individuals dieting simultaneously. Talk to as many folks as you can simply because every person have a diet program they prefer over another.

Community Programs

Every local community offers plans for dieting. They are locations where individuals encounter a couple of times every week to discuss going on a diet and to evaluate information and recipes with one another. These places might also have a small gym where individuals can easily exercise, as well. It is advisable to become familiar with folks here and especially get to know people responsible for this kind of group. These individuals knows the most favored easy diet plans and they will know what is best for everyone that approaches them. Click here for more information.

Even More Tips on Losing Weight

By eating right and getting enough sleep, there is one thing that scientists, doctors and health experts agree that a universal need to in order to stay healthy is to get regular exercise.

If you’re overweight or at least would like to shed a few extra pounds to improve your health or appearance, getting enough exercise is all the more essential.

Exercise and increasing your daily activities is one of the best tips on losing weight that you’ll ever get. It is also one that works. Here are a few more tips that tie exercise to weight loss as discussed in our pages.

  1. Tips on Losing Weight with Exercise: Select something fun!
    Some people lack the motivation to work out because just the idea of training sounds boring, painful, or at the very least painful. I’m here to say that this does not need to be the case. There are countless ways to exercise those pounds off. Keep in mind that the most important constant in training just that to use one or more of the major muscle groups (usually the arms or legs) for a period of at least 20 to 30 minutes to raise the heart rate. That’s it. So count even activities such as playing and running around in the yard with the children as viable training. So play your favorite sport, swimming, walking, running even to play table tennis or gardening. Start with taking the boredom factor out of the idea of exercise, and you will begin to see it as something desirable and fun, rather than as a chore.
  2. Tips on Losing Weight with Exercise: Get a partner!
    Getting an exercise partner is one of the great secrets of starting and maintaining a regular exercise routine. With people’s busy schedules in these days, it can be difficult to find someone who will drop everything to go exercise with you when you have a moment for free. Way to solve this is to find a fixed time two or three days per week that the exercise partner can come with you. Another strategy is to enlist two or three partners to work with you.
  3. Tips on Losing Weight with Exercise: Surround yourself with supporters!
    Even beyond the training partner, it’s great to have the support players in your life. These are the people who encourage you to keep at it, even when you don’t feel like it. you can get people to support you without even asking them directly about support: just start to share with them about your workouts, your progress, and your goals on a regular basis. After a while, they will start asking you about it as a part of the talks with them.
  4. Tips on Losing Weight with Exercise: Stretch and Warm-up!
    This sounds obvious for the more experienced practitioners, but it needs to be emphasized: always start training with at least 5 to 10 minutes of torture for. Get yourself a cheap foam pad, or stretch on the carpet in the home or the gym. Stretching is a great warm up, and it can prevent damage down the road.

Losing weight is a very worthy goal, and in addition to eating right, exercise is one of the best proven ways to get there. So pick something fun, surround yourself with supporters, stretch before each training session, and start a little at a time. You will find yourself in a satisfying, lasting routine in no time. Share these tips on losing weight with exercise with your friends and let them become your partners. It’s more fun when you’re exercising with a friend!

Supermarket Alert: Foods That Help Lose Weight The Easy Way


Foods that help lose weight –  Zucchini, a diuretic and dietetic food

  • Zucchini is one of the most interesting food as part of a slimming diet.
  • 22 Calories per 100 grams, it is part of the vegetables the least caloric. In addition, if you subtract the energy expended during digestion, his caloric intake becomes almost zero!
  • Low in sodium and high in potassium, Zucchini also offers an effective diuretic effect against water retention.
  • Rich in magnesium and calcium, it is advisable to eat this vegetable with skin since it contains fiber, which allows a better digestion.


Foods that help lose weight – Pepper, a slimming vegetable vitamin!

Just more calories than Zucchini (26 Calories / 100 gr), pepper has the characteristic of being very rich in vitamin C. Indeed, 100 grams of pepper bring 127% of the daily recommended intakes for vitamin C for an adult!

Diuretic food, pepper promotes also the elimination of sugars and fats.
Attention however to the sensitive stomachs because this vegetable can cause digestive disorders. For not taking risks think to remove the skin.

Foods that help lose weight  –  Radish, a Dietetic food for good Digest

With its fiber and its high content of sulfur, the radishes are strongly advised to those who have digestion problems. This slimming vegetable will thus help you to lose belly quickly.

Rich in vitamin C, very low-calorie (16 Calories / 100 grams), avoid to eat it with bread, butter or salt.
Foods that help lose weight  –  Cucumber, vegetable least calorie!

Made up of 96% water, cucumber contains only 12 Calories per 100 grams.
Rich in fibres, think about integrate it into your salads.

Foods that help lose weight  – 
Apple, a must-see slimming food

Satiating food, The plain old Apple is a real natural appetite suppressant.

Thanks to its content in pectin (soluble dietary fiber) the passage of food in the intestine is slowed down, which prolongs the absorption of nutrients and stabilizes blood sugar levels.
Low calorie (50 Calories / 100 grams), it is advisable to eat this fruit with the skin in order to benefit of all its nutritional values.
Choose, the variety of liquor Smith Apples has a focus on part its low sugar content.
dietetic foods
Foods that help lose weight  –  Lemon, a few drops each day to lose weight…

The lemon is a food burns fat thanks to its citric acid content which helps the stomach to break down fatty acids.
The energy value is 26 calories per 100 grams.

Foods that help lose weight  –  Pineapple, reference dietary food

Cool and refreshing, this tropical fruit has many virtues: drainer and suppressant, pineapple also helps digestion.

Careful however not to neglect its stem, because it contains Bromelain, an enzyme that promotes the burning of fat.
Just more caloric than an Apple (51 Calories / 100 grams), the pineapple is also rich in vitamins E, A and C.
Foods that help lose weight   –  Melon, fruit to the multiple virtues…
  • With its 36 Calories per 100 grams, the melon is an essential slimming food.
  • Rich in fiber, the melon is an effective natural laxative.
  • The carotene content makes it a very good antioxidant.
  • Finally, potassium values make the melon a real ally flat stomach.
Proteins: some foods to lose weight without losing muscle!

Foods that help lose weight   –  Tuna, nutritional and dietary benefits

With 25 grams of protein per 100 grams, interesting content of iron, magnesium, calcium, vitamins A, B and D… tuna is a very complete food from the nutritional point of view.

Fats that make it up are Omega 3 fatty acids, beneficial in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Foods that help lose weight  –  Chicken, meat lean by excellence
To benefit maximally from the low energy value, prefer white thigh or wing, and remember to remove the skin.

Don’t Panic Even if You’re Desperate To Lose Weight

Every year, more and more people are turning to nutritionally good diets to help them lose weight, even if they’re desperate to lose weight. In fact, the more desperate you are, the more thought should go into what your diet plan should include. Restrictive and zero calorie diets are never fun to do and are also dangerous. So ask your doctor first what is best for you. The pages on this website will teach you how to go about finding a good diet plan even when you’re desperate to lose weight.

A good weight loss plan as discussed by nutritionists will always have the best foods that give you energy in a given category. If you want to drink smoothies as a meal replacement, then pack it with the natural sweetness of fruits and add some fiber into it by adding juices of green leafy vegetables. Even if you’re desperate to lose weight, do not go and just drink water for extended periods. Your body will need energy from foods so it can produce energy for your daily activities!

Most commercial weight loss plans promise a lot of good things and they prey on those who are desperate to lose weight. But if you get your pre-packed  meals from these diet centers, then prepare to spend a lot of money since everything they sell or send to you is on the pricey side. But is it really better?

The best thing you can do is look at calorie charts and see what your favorite foods are. Concentrate on foods that you already love so that you don’t feel deprived. Then either cut the portions you’re used to eating and eat the food in its most natural state. For fruits, fresh is better than canned packed in syrup. For veggies, steamed is better than one that’s covered in cream or cheese sauce. Again, if you are desperate to lose weight, do not go on a starvation diet because it will never work.

Diet Programs to Lose Weight Should Be Nutritionally Sound

Welcome to our site!
Make this your new resource on what’s the latest news when it comes to dieting, nutrition, keeping healthy and looking terrific! Men and women are more aware of how they look and how they present to the world more than ever. There is so much to learn about most 

diet programs to lose weight by that we’ve come up with a site to help you evaluate their claims and their success rates!

Yes, there are many diet programs to lose weight by, but by choosing one that’s also nutritionally sound will ensure that you won’t get sick in the process of losing weight.
Diet programs and weight loss plans all have the same basic premise, if you cut down on the calories you take in and increase the calories you burn, then you will shed off some weight. But some diet programs to lose weight fast are too restrictive, some relying only on water for the first few days! If you are going down this road, beware. Talk to your doctor first before you start something like this!
A good weight loss plan will take into account your gender, your age, your weight and your activities. There is no cookie cutter diet, as what works for your friend may not work for you.  Diet programs to lose weight by that are approved by your doctor or a nutritionist will have all the vitamins, nutrients, protein, grains and dairy that you will need to maintain good health. If a diet plan is a fad or if it’s one endorsed by actors or actresses or even sports figure, allow for the fact that these are paid spokespeople and may not be objective.
So how do you evaluate good diet programs to lose weight by? Look at their calorie count. Anything below 1200 calories borders on a very restrictive diet. Here in our site, we have pages dedicated to teaching you the best way to lose weight and keep the pounds off!


Counting and Cutting Calories to Lose Weight

How many times have you told yourself that this is the day to start counting and cutting calories to lose weight. But have you actually done it? Have you done your homework by getting a calorie chart or even finding one online to help you? This website will help you on getting the knowledge you need for cutting calories to lose weight. It takes a bit of work, but if you persevere, you’ll see all those extra pounds fall off!

Here are a few tips from experts on cutting calories to lose weight:

1. Cut down on Junk foods, you know you need to.
Why does Sweet rhyme with TREAT anyway? Treats are not a staple, so sweet should not be a staple of your diet. Sadly, many obese people have simply forgotten that sweets are bad, and savory is good. 
Indeed, from the point of view of the weight, what counts is the total of the number of calories per day, and regardless of whether from fats or sugars. In reality, you are overweight when you eat beyond your needs, your calorie intake exceeds the amount of calorie you burn through your daily activities.

2. Know your numbers. Cutting calories to lose weight will require simple math. The amount you eat should be less than the energy you expend to get through your day. In fact, nutritionists say that 500 less calories a day will helpo you lose 1-2 pounds a week!

A secret weapon in weight loss is good old fashioned soup. Believe it or not, soup will fill you up and keep you full for a very long time. It’s been proven by British Research that the water you eat in the soup is much more powerful to keep you satisfied when you eat, rather that the old wives tale about drinking a glass of water before you eat. They’ve shown it does not work.

Learn to understand food sensations, and cravings. If you have normal cravings, try to sate yourself before you get so hungry that you binge eat. And when you sate yourself, eat something natural, hopefully not sweet, first. 
Lose weight naturally  by cutting calories to lose weight, not to starve yourself! Change your eating behavior and know when to stop eating.  And this approach involves relearning how to listen to your food sensations. Indeed, the feeling of hunger, the gustatory pleasure and satiety are benchmarks to eat according to his needs, no more, no less. Based on your food sensations, you will thus reduce your caloric intake and you’ll lose weight.

Manage your emotions. Don’t binge eat. If you are eating to soothe yourself, maybe there is a better way. Talk to a friend, take a walk, learn to meditate. Cutting calories to lose weight is sometimes all about the numbers.